God’s Will for You: Evangelism

What is God’s will for you? Jesse Johnson, elder and outreach pastor at Grace Community Church, explains what is the single most God-glorifying action a Christian can do while on earth.


“If a person wants to maximize their life by living for the glory of God, then that person needs to be passionate about evangelism. If the Lord has saved you, he has saved you for a purpose: to live for the glory of God. Each of us has friends, neighbors, family, and acquaintances who are dead in their sins and trespasses. When you bring them the gospel, and they believe, their life is taken from fighting against God, to living passionately for his glory. God’s glory is then both multiplied and magnified.”

One thought on “God’s Will for You: Evangelism

  1. Very intrigued by your page! Found your link on feoobcak. I hope I get the opportunity to visit your church one day. I’m looking for a spirit-filled church in the town I just moved to.~Nic.

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