One thought on “Know My Heart

  1. I would say music is the most heated topic at any chruch! It’s tough to get a good balance of music that appeases everyone. I don’t agree with chruches doing a contemporary and traditional service at all and when we moved to AZ I wouldn’t attend a chruch that did. There’s already too many divisions/factions within a chruch to add one more (and a big one at that). We’re all there to worship together. When I lived in LA I went to some of the megachruches and they actually PAY musicians to come in on Sunday morning. Some of my college classmates made as much as $250/week to play on Sunday morning and show up to one practice a week. Most of the chruches didn’t even care if you were a Christian or not!!! They felt it was outreach, but I’ve never seen anyone pay people to come to chruch. I think a lot more people would go if they did get paid (unfortunately)! Anyway, it’s nice to see a healthy discussion about it and not a flame war . Both have very good points. Our pastor did a sermon a few months ago and he had the worship team up there with him and they played hymns throughout it to augment his points. It was really powerful and moving. I think even the people who like to rock out on Sunday morning were moved by it and it showed them a different side of worship they had not explored because they want to be young and youthful.Thanks for sharing this Trent!

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