Christ our Despot

“Every true Christian pronounces this phrase, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ with the emphasis of undeservedness. We desire that Christ Jesus should be our Lord in everything and the Lord over every part of our being….He who truly loves Jesus, and who knows that he is one of those who are redeemed by him, says with all his heart that Jesus is Lord, his absolute Sovereign, his Despot, if that word be used in the sense of Christ having unlimited monarchy an supreme sway over our soul. Yea, O ‘Jesus our Lord,’ thou shalt be the autocrat, imperial Master of our heart, and of the whole dominion of our manhood!”

-Charles Spurgeon, “Jesus our Lord,” Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit (Pasadena, TX: Pilgrim Publications, 1977), 48:558. Italics original.

One thought on “Christ our Despot

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