Serfs of Him

“We are to wait upon our Master humbly, reverently, feeling it an honor to anything for him. We are to be self-surrendered, given up henceforth to the Lord, free men, yet most truly serfs of this Great Emperor. We are never so free as when we own our sacred serfdom….Often Paul calls himself the servant of the Lord, and even the slave of Christ, and he glories in the branding iron’s marks upon his flesh. ‘I bear,’ says he, ‘in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus; henceforth let no man trouble me.’ We count it liberty to bear the bonds of Christ. We reckon this to be supremest freedom for we sing with the Psalmist, ‘I am thy servant; I am thy servant. Thou hast loosed my bonds.’ ‘Bind the sacrifice with cords, even with cords to the horns of the alter.’ Such is the conduct which our servitude to our Lord requires.”

-Charles Spurgeon, The Way to Honor, sermon no. 1118, in Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit (Pasadena, TX: Pilgrim Publications, 1981), 19:356-57.

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