Necessity of Lordship

“[It is a] twentieth-century heresy that Christ is Savior only by right, Lord by ‘option’ of the ‘believer.’ This denial of the only Master and Lord, preach[es] only half of His person, declaring only partially the truth as it is in Jesus Christ[.] [The gospel] must be preached with the full apprehension of who He is, the demanding Lord as well as the delivering Savior….Denial of the Lordship of the Lord. That is disobedience which in any way makes pliable the requirement of God, for it makes God not God. -June 7, 1950

-Jim Elliot, in Elisabeth Elliot, ed., The Journals of Jim Elliot (Old Tappan, NJ: Revell, 1978), 253


One thought on “Necessity of Lordship

  1. Here is another quote from Jim Elliot which is related to the topic.

    “Christians today haven’t got what the New Testament calls ‘singleness of heart.’ They haven’t got one constant desire. And that one desire I will name ‘the lust for God.’ I am using the word ‘lust’ rather than the love for God because the phrase ‘love for God’ has become almost trite. It is the lust for God that we are missing. You lust only after those things that you desire intensely.

    “The lust for God is the thing that should characterize a Christian. Not that you’ve attained. Not that you’ve arrived. The apostle Paul says, ‘I haven’t arrived. I don’t pretend to have apprehended. But I press toward the mark.’ Paul had huge desires, and that’s what we ought to have.” (Jim Elliot: A Christian Martyr Speaks To You, page 25)

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